ikon 3

oil and gold leaf on metal

The Detective Show, curated by artist

John Fekner, was a site specific installation group exhibition that brought together an

wide array of artists utilizing a variety of

both traditional and experimental media.

each artist surveyed the park, staked out

their territory and employed what was

necessary to complete their piece.

the textured metal plate covering on a

centrally located water fountain provided

a perfectly patterned surface for a

small scaled gold leaf abstract icon.

John Fekner assisting Gary Hutter.

Kent Floeter painting the park’s flagpole.

  Richard Artschwager ‘Blips’ (center) and Kent Floeter’s flagpole.

Don Leicht

detail - Don Leicht

Karen Shaw

Alan Bertoldi

Bob Rakita

Rudy Montanez

Carolyn Conrad

Carolyn Conrad

Frank Olt

approximately 16” by 24”


Thomas Bang

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